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     I hired their cleaners to come out to our flat every week for a good scrub down. These guys always do a good job, and they are less expensive than other cleaning services in the area.
Wesley Kitterman21/05/2020
     Not even cobwebs were left behind during yesterday's office cleaning by Carpet Cleaner Tower Hill. It feels so great. Thanks, guys.
     I originally booked with a different cleaning service but they let me down last minute. Luckily Carpet Cleaner Tower Hill were available to fill the void and in so glad they did as they've been wonderful, plus they're way cheaper than the other company so it's a proper win win.
Troy Firl30/03/2018
     Ask anyone who knows me, and they'll tell you how fussy I am! Whatever business I'm paying, I almost always find something to complain about, but I've really struggled with Tower Hill Carpet Cleaning! Their cleaning services are absolutely fantastic, and have always adapted well to the changes I've wanted to make. When I first hired them, I listed a lot of detail about how I wanted the whole service carried out, but they didn't falter at any point. For the affordable price I'm paying, I never thought I'd be able to get a clean so thorough!
Daniel S.21/12/2015
     I find that Carpet Cleaning Tower Hill are a reliable company, and I wouldn't trust anyone else with my office cleaning. Their service are fast and thorough, and the cleaners are always friendly and ready to listen to your requirements. I love getting my office cleaned using this service, and I'll continue to use it for years to come!
Andy L.14/10/2015
     Thank you for sending such an efficient team to clean the hard floor and carpets in my house. My husband was in for a surprise when he arrived in the evening and saw our carpets so clean and stain free. Definitely one of the best cleaning agencies I have come across on this side of town! I am going to call you guys to get the carpets cleaned in my dental office too. Excellent work, TowerHillCarpetCleaners!
Anna Dowel08/05/2015
     I've had so much complement on my home since I started hiring TowerHillCarpetCleaners to be my regular cleaning company. Although I'd been a client of another company for many years, the things I'd heard about this company, their services and their prices, I immediately wanted to give them a go. I'm really glad that I did, because I can honestly say my home has never looked better! I would completely recommend this company to anyone!
Lilly G.29/01/2015
     I'd like to think that I've got a good idea of when a home is and is not clean. Unfortunately, I was finding less and less time in which to keep my own home clean and was starting to get worried. The solution which I found was to just hire in TowerHillCarpetCleaners and trust them to do the work. They know what they were doing and now I'm more than happy to trust them with what needs to be done while I get on with everything else. Excellent, even by my own admittedly high standards.
Todd Young07/01/2015
     It took me a long time to realise that a cleaning company could make my life easier, but in the end it was a few suggestions from a friend who then bought me a couple of visits from TowerHillCarpetCleaners as a present which really did it. They came around for those few times and it's amazing how quickly you become dependent on them. My home was just so clean and everything was so tidy - and I had so much more free time - that I don't know how I ever managed to get by without them. They really are the best.

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